UNCHARTED, a Young Adult contemporary fantasy will be published fall 2018 by Page Street Publishing, distributing through Macmillan

When 17-year-old Annabeth attends the funeral of family friends who drowned, she uncovers an ancient secret that some would die to protect and others would kill to expose – the existence of the legendary island of Hy-Brasil.

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Praise for UNCHARTED:

Journey through the fog into the atmospheric world of UNCHARTED, a stunning new fantasy where legend and reality come together in the form of a deadly mystery, where every page simmers with danger, magic, myth, and romance.   Readers are sure to fall in love with this dark, gripping story that brings ancient Ireland to life on the misty shores of modern-day Maine. ~ Sarah Glenn Marsh, author of the Reign of the Fallen series and Fear the Drowning Deep

A fantastic read! A perfect blend of thriller, mystery, romance, and contemporary, UNCHARTED features great characters, a marvelous setting, and a mythology so fabulous and complete that I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Readers who love Celtic legends, maps, and secret societies (and who doesn’t?) will want to put this on their TBR shelf ASAP. I can’t recommend it highly enough! ~ Martina Boone, author of the Heirs of Watson Island series and the Celtic Legends series

Erin Cashman is a master storyteller, and UNCHARTED is a strong follow-up to her award-winning debut novel, THE EXCEPTIONALS. Erin finds portals in the seemingly ordinary world and leads us into uncharted territories of mystery, magic, and Irish mythology. This is the only novel I’ve seen that creatively brings to life the phantom island of Hy-Brasil, a place that once appeared on ancient maps somewhere west of Ireland. I loved the solid mystery plotting combined with a paranormal twist, and the cast of fascinating characters, who are haunted not only by mythical creatures but also by dark events in their pasts. UNCHARTED is a page-turner and a refreshingly original tale! ~ Diana Renn, author of Tokyo Heist, Latitude Zero, Blue Voyage, and False Idols


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Available now in Hardcover and Audiobook.   Paperback and digital coming soon.

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In a famous family of exceptionally talented people, fifteen-year-old Claire Walker is ordinary … or so she leads everyone to believe.   Yet the minute she steps out of line, her parents transfer her to Cambial Academy; the prestigious boarding school that her great-grandparents founded for students with supernatural abilities, or “specials”.  Although Claire can’t see ghosts or move objects with her mind like the other students, she does have a special she considers too lame to admit: she can hear the thoughts of animals.

Just as she is settling in, one by one the most talented students – The Exceptionals – go missing.  In an attempt to find out what happened to them, Claire uncovers a dark prophecy involving a plot to destroy Cambial and a mysterious girl who can communicate with a hawk.  Could she be that girl?  Does the gorgeous but secretive boy she meets in the woods know more than he is letting on?  After years of ignoring her special gift, Claire decides the time has come to embrace her ability … before it’s too late.

I am thrilled and honored that THE EXCEPTIONALS was named a Bank Street College of Education Best Children’s Book of the Year!

Praise for The Exceptionals:

Debut novelist Cashman delivers an engaging, exciting twist on the school story, introducing readers to a whole new set of supernatural skills and adventures.  With its varied and intriguing cast of characters, The Exceptionals will appeal to a wide range of readers, all of whom will be eager to see if there will be forthcoming adventures at Cambial Academy. ~ School Library Journal

Cashman knows how to craft natural dialogue and emphatic characters. ~ Publishers Weekly